Marketing Christmas to Salisbury

Work done

Web design
Graphic design
Logo design

Client: Salisbury Christmas Market

Inspired by the best of traditional German Christmas Markets, the Salisbury Christmas Market is tasteful and beautifully presented, to complement the distinguished nature of many of the shops and businesses already in the city. The exhibitors attending the Christmas Market will be among the best in this country and all have been especially selected for the very high quality of their products, and the stylish way in which they present their chalets. Even the most discerning shoppers will find inspiration and delight in the array and quality of the products sold.

The brief...

Using local artwork in the form of the chalet illustrations as a starting point, we were asked to come up with a Logo and a ‘look and feel’ to work across web, print and large scale formats. The Logo had to incorporate the name, a strong link with Salisbury, as well as being modern and fresh. The website and marketing materials needed to be visually in keeping with a Christmas Market  as well as being appropriate for the Historic City of Salisbury.

Our approach

The Logo has a clean, distinguished and modern font, and coupled with a contemporary stylised Cathedral Spire and illustrated robin reflects the quality of the exhibitors and the Christmas Market as a whole. This being the first year of the market the brand needed to be impactful whilst creating a ‘Christmassy feel’.  Using the vector illustrations we worked these into the website and marketing materials to develop a consistent brand. The website needed to be user friendly and help generate interest and excitement for the market. The billboard design was part of a national media led ‘battle of the billboards’ story with Winchester Christmas Market.






The client said...

“We have been delighted with the excellent service that Addison Design has provided for the Salisbury Christmas Market. Always available, attentive and helpful, these 3 charming chaps are wonderful because they really do listen to the client which very few designers seem to do! Their great skill is in doing what the client requires yet at the same time using their professional expertise and flair to turn that information into good, stylish design. They have created an outstanding Christmas Market web-site which has been highly praised by all who have seen it, and a series of marketing materials which speak volumes for an event of national status, and for their skills as designers. Christmas Market used to start marketing on other social medias. Always keen to be innovative and fresh thinking, yet never over-stepping the mark, Addison Design have been an exceptional design company to work with.”

Stephanie Swann – Christmas Market Organiser