New Website launched

We recently launched this new site for Sarum Counselling. We refreshed and updated their site, bringing together new functionality and technology whilst maintaining the integrity of their brand. Take a look here.

How to make a website? The website has a new design and they decided to launch this renewed site to make their business grow. We work with several platforms such as WordPress, wix and more.We use web hosting to manage the website launch, as this is one of the most under considered aspects of building a website, including the source code for both PC and MAC. If you need to learn how to code to have more resources and learn more about this web development, you can compare Codecademy vs Udacity to check which course is better for you.

An SEO agency put this together:Výsledek obrázku pro marketing website

When you are working with a new website or re designing your website, it is for the fact you want to attract more viewers and advertise your business, service or product. One of the most important tools the marketing strategy involves is to use a SEO plan, which covers the search engine  optimization which you can get from Web Design Plus SEO and get a great service. The SEO works for your company to boost your internet searches so more people can find and look for your service to the end that you have more customers.

Choosing the right hosting affects SEO aspects like site sped and it touches on your long term plans for expansion, flexibility, and even later redesigns, by choosing a domain name and any hosting service like MBN network platform. Make sure the option you choose can handle the traffic you throw at it as you grow your website traffic.

Remember to own a website, you need three things, domain name, web hosting and a developed website.