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Client: Farley Nursery Schools

A Private Nursery School set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside with a unique “Outdoor Learning” ethos. Children spend much of their time with outside – planting, growing, creating, investigating and exploring, helping them to gain awareness and respect for their environment. This experience is not a duplication of what is learnt inside, but an extension of it.

The brief...

The original brief for Farley was to create a Logo and Identity that captured their outdoor learning ethos. It needed to be ‘child friendly’ but with enough gravitas for the Nursery School to be taken seriously. As the first of its kind the outdoor nursery needed an eye catching look.

Our approach

We worked closely with the owners of Farley Nursery and the ‘Eureka moment’ came when they mentioned the existence of a fabulous Oak Tree in the grounds. Having developed the concept of using ‘hands’ in the logo we saw the tree in situe and incorporated it into the Logo. It proved to be solution everyone was looking for as it worked on uniforms, adverts, website, and become clearly recognisable as Farley Nursery Schools have developed and expanded over the years.

The client said...

When we started our Nursery School seven years ago, we recognised that the public image of the company was going to be paramount in attracting customers. Graham and his team listened to our requirements, visited the setting and proposed three options for our logo. One of them hit the spot completely and has been an integral part of our business ever since. So many people have commented about the design and how it suits our particular brand of childcare.

Working with Addison Design over the years, they have come to know exactly what we want/need, often before we do! And they are such nice people, it is always a pleasure working with them.


Gary Palmer


Farley Nursery School